London Jobs: London Midland Cuts 130 Jobs, Redbridge Slashes 300 Jobs, Ed Balls Denies That He Planned To Impose 50% Tax On Top-Earners

London Midland has announced that it intends to completely remove staff in 9 stations, and considerably reduce personnel in many other stations. The company is changing hours at 87 stations, and the decision to reduce/remove staff will force passengers to use the self-service machines. This decision will result in 130 people losing their jobs.

Redbridge has voted through £13.5 million in cuts this year. Over 300 jobs will be lost by the council employees of the borough this year, as the Redbridge councilors are working towards saving £25 million over the next 3 years. The sectors that will reduce the length of their payroll include adult social services (40 jobs), children’s services (38), housing (13) and credit & finance workers (89). The council has also decided to reduce £700,000 from the care of people with learning disabilities, and £250,000 from school transportation services to those residing outside the borough.

Ed Balls denied having planned to impose 50% tax on those earning £100,000, following claims that 300,000 residents of London and the South East would be hit with bigger bills. Balls had proposed this idea during his campaign last summer, and had recently stated that he stood by the speeches he made. Balls has questioned Treasury Minister Justine Greening as to why the Labour Party’s call to impose bank bonus tax was refused. He opined that the taxes would help support jobs and the economy in London.

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