London Jobs: Unemployment Rise Predicted, Job Vacancies In Banks Rise By 11%, Loss Of 500 Jobs Due To Super-Council Creation

Chartered Institute Of Purchasing And Supply predicts a surge in unemployment levels in the next 3 months. The institute reached this conclusion after conducting a survey involving 750 employers from various sectors. While manufacturing and services sectors are seeking to recruit, 2/3rds of the public sector employers are set to cut down on staff.

The number of job vacancies in the banking sector rose by 11%, standing at 5,440 vacancies last month. This rise in job opening followed the banks’ decision to replace errant employees after this year’s bonus round. The vacancies are a result of people fearlessly leaving their jobs in search of better offers, and not due to new posts being generated. Recruitment firm Astbury Marsden says that the number of candidates seeking employment through them rose by 21%.

3 Conservative-lead councils are to be merged in an effort to cut costs while maintaining the efficiency of the government. The move, which is expected to reduce running costs by £35 million a year, requires the cutting down of around 500 jobs (175 senior managerial posts, with the rest of the jobs lost being from technical and supervisory sectors). “Our taxpayers expect us to squeeze every pound and penny to reduce unnecessary costs”, said Stephen Greenhalgh, leader of Hammersmith & Fulham, supporting the move.

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