London Jobs – Crossrail, Career Builder Survey

The Crossrail, which has always been supported by London’s businesses, is set to create thousands of job opportunities. The Crossrail is expected to boost the annual economy of every London borough by £15 million to £115 million.

A survey conducted by from 17 November to 17 December, 2010, involving 194 major UK businesses, has revealed that 39% of the UK employers intend to add employees (full time, part time, contract or temporary workers and interns). 20% of the employers said they would employ full time or permanent workers.

The survey recognizes technology, sales, engineering, creative/design, customer service and marketing as the top functional areas of employment, with 20%, 18%, 14%, 12%, 10% and 8% increase in job opportunities respectively.

UK companies seem to function in conformation with the increasing demands for being environment friendly. Green jobs were cited an example of emerging opportunities, followed by jobs revolving around social media, global relations, mobile technology and cyber security.

18% of UK’s employers see contract or temporary hiring as the solution to their increasing workloads. 31% of the employers are set to hire fresh college graduates in 2011, as they believe in investing in the talent of the younger generations, while retaining their more experienced staff.

Many companies fear that their talented work force will leave their companies for better opportunities once the economy of the country improves. In order to prevent such events, 30% of the employers plan to increase compensation (by 1-3%) for their existing staff, while 22% are set to provide higher initial jobs offers (by 1-3%) in 2011.

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