London Jobs – Sainsbury And Morrisons, Cameron’s Proposal, And Job Trends In Health Sector, Retail, Laptop And TV Sales, Restaurants, Police And Fire Dept.

The Morrisons and the Sainsbury supermarket chains have promised to create employment in England. Sainsbury has pledged to create 20,000 full-time and part-time jobs over 3 years by enhancing its presence in northern England. Morrisons has announced that the supermarket chain would employ 6000 this year.

Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, slammed Prime Minister David Cameron’s proposals that allow employers to sack employees during their initial two years, without having to fear facing trial for ‘unfair dismissal’. David Cameron, who feels this proposal is the most “pro-business, pro-growth and pro-job agenda” ever formulated. While market giants approve of this proposal, many feel that this could adversely affect job security. Ed Miliband stated that the government has made it easier for companies to sack workers.

The health sector of London seems to be on the rise as the whopping increase in the jobs of the sector suggest. The monthly demand for specialists have steadily increased to 969.44%, job offers for junior doctors have increased by 1,011.20% per month, and monthly job postings for nurses have increased 148.61%

Retail jobs have increased by 64.77% per month. Jobs in fashion retail and accessories retail have increased by 85.10% and 17.42% respectively. Jobs in electronics retail have increased by 28.15%, having peaked in June 2010.

In the restaurants sectors, monthly jobs have increased by 37.39%, with postings for chefs accounting for 30.43% increase. The percentage of job postings for waiters has remained constant.

Jobs in the sectors of manufacturing and sale of laptops have decreased by 66.84% and 35.28% respectively. Those involved in the sale of TVs were relatively more successful in gaining jobs, as the 19.63% increase of monthly jobs in the field indicates.

Monthly jobs in the police department and the fire department have decreased by 0.58% and 14.48% respectively.

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