London Jobs: London Midland Cuts 130 Jobs, Redbridge Slashes 300 Jobs, Ed Balls Denies That He Planned To Impose 50% Tax On Top-Earners

London Midland has announced that it intends to completely remove staff in 9 stations, and considerably reduce personnel in many other stations. The company is changing hours at 87 stations, and the decision to reduce/remove staff will force passengers to use the self-service machines. This decision will result in 130 people losing their jobs.

Redbridge has voted through £13.5 million in cuts this year. Over 300 jobs will be lost by the council employees of the borough this year, as the Redbridge councilors are working towards saving £25 million over the next 3 years. The sectors that will reduce the length of their payroll include adult social services (40 jobs), children’s services (38), housing (13) and credit & finance workers (89). The council has also decided to reduce £700,000 from the care of people with learning disabilities, and £250,000 from school transportation services to those residing outside the borough.

Ed Balls denied having planned to impose 50% tax on those earning £100,000, following claims that 300,000 residents of London and the South East would be hit with bigger bills. Balls had proposed this idea during his campaign last summer, and had recently stated that he stood by the speeches he made. Balls has questioned Treasury Minister Justine Greening as to why the Labour Party’s call to impose bank bonus tax was refused. He opined that the taxes would help support jobs and the economy in London.

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London Jobs: Unemployment Rise Predicted, Job Vacancies In Banks Rise By 11%, Loss Of 500 Jobs Due To Super-Council Creation

Chartered Institute Of Purchasing And Supply predicts a surge in unemployment levels in the next 3 months. The institute reached this conclusion after conducting a survey involving 750 employers from various sectors. While manufacturing and services sectors are seeking to recruit, 2/3rds of the public sector employers are set to cut down on staff.

The number of job vacancies in the banking sector rose by 11%, standing at 5,440 vacancies last month. This rise in job opening followed the banks’ decision to replace errant employees after this year’s bonus round. The vacancies are a result of people fearlessly leaving their jobs in search of better offers, and not due to new posts being generated. Recruitment firm Astbury Marsden says that the number of candidates seeking employment through them rose by 21%.

3 Conservative-lead councils are to be merged in an effort to cut costs while maintaining the efficiency of the government. The move, which is expected to reduce running costs by £35 million a year, requires the cutting down of around 500 jobs (175 senior managerial posts, with the rest of the jobs lost being from technical and supervisory sectors). “Our taxpayers expect us to squeeze every pound and penny to reduce unnecessary costs”, said Stephen Greenhalgh, leader of Hammersmith & Fulham, supporting the move.

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London Jobs: BBC To Eliminate 360 Jobs, Rezidor Hotel Group To Create Jobs, FDM Group To Fund 100 IT Graduates And The Centre For Cities Annual Index

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has announced that it plans to eliminate 360 jobs over the next 2 years and cut down spending by 25% by 2013-14. BBC executive Roly Keating stated that around half of their stand alone websites including Switch, Blast, Raw and Video Nation would be done away with, as part of its cost-cutting program.

Rezidor Hotel Group is set to create jobs by constructing a new flagship hotel, the Park Inn London ExCel, 200m to the west of the ExCel Exhibition Centre. Rezidor intends to open the hotel in 2013.

The FDM Group, a leading recruiter of graduates in the IT sector, has designed a new scheme that benefits both the group and IT graduates in collaboration with the Brighton University and other accredited institutions. FDM is set to recruit IT graduates for upto 1000 vacancies in London, Brighton and Manchester. Of these 1000 recruits, 100 outstanding and most promising recruits will be completely funded through a 3 year master degree program. On the completion of M.Sc. the recruits become fully qualified IT consultants.   

The Centre For Cities Annual Index, a recently released report, says that more than 1 in every 3 private jobs were offered in 11 cities: Bristol, London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield. Centre For Cities Chief Executive Officer opined that having a ‘London-style mayor’ would prove beneficial for cities like Bristol and Leeds.

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London Jobs – Crossrail, Career Builder Survey

The Crossrail, which has always been supported by London’s businesses, is set to create thousands of job opportunities. The Crossrail is expected to boost the annual economy of every London borough by £15 million to £115 million.

A survey conducted by from 17 November to 17 December, 2010, involving 194 major UK businesses, has revealed that 39% of the UK employers intend to add employees (full time, part time, contract or temporary workers and interns). 20% of the employers said they would employ full time or permanent workers.

The survey recognizes technology, sales, engineering, creative/design, customer service and marketing as the top functional areas of employment, with 20%, 18%, 14%, 12%, 10% and 8% increase in job opportunities respectively.

UK companies seem to function in conformation with the increasing demands for being environment friendly. Green jobs were cited an example of emerging opportunities, followed by jobs revolving around social media, global relations, mobile technology and cyber security.

18% of UK’s employers see contract or temporary hiring as the solution to their increasing workloads. 31% of the employers are set to hire fresh college graduates in 2011, as they believe in investing in the talent of the younger generations, while retaining their more experienced staff.

Many companies fear that their talented work force will leave their companies for better opportunities once the economy of the country improves. In order to prevent such events, 30% of the employers plan to increase compensation (by 1-3%) for their existing staff, while 22% are set to provide higher initial jobs offers (by 1-3%) in 2011.

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London Jobs – Sainsbury And Morrisons, Cameron’s Proposal, And Job Trends In Health Sector, Retail, Laptop And TV Sales, Restaurants, Police And Fire Dept.

The Morrisons and the Sainsbury supermarket chains have promised to create employment in England. Sainsbury has pledged to create 20,000 full-time and part-time jobs over 3 years by enhancing its presence in northern England. Morrisons has announced that the supermarket chain would employ 6000 this year.

Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, slammed Prime Minister David Cameron’s proposals that allow employers to sack employees during their initial two years, without having to fear facing trial for ‘unfair dismissal’. David Cameron, who feels this proposal is the most “pro-business, pro-growth and pro-job agenda” ever formulated. While market giants approve of this proposal, many feel that this could adversely affect job security. Ed Miliband stated that the government has made it easier for companies to sack workers.

The health sector of London seems to be on the rise as the whopping increase in the jobs of the sector suggest. The monthly demand for specialists have steadily increased to 969.44%, job offers for junior doctors have increased by 1,011.20% per month, and monthly job postings for nurses have increased 148.61%

Retail jobs have increased by 64.77% per month. Jobs in fashion retail and accessories retail have increased by 85.10% and 17.42% respectively. Jobs in electronics retail have increased by 28.15%, having peaked in June 2010.

In the restaurants sectors, monthly jobs have increased by 37.39%, with postings for chefs accounting for 30.43% increase. The percentage of job postings for waiters has remained constant.

Jobs in the sectors of manufacturing and sale of laptops have decreased by 66.84% and 35.28% respectively. Those involved in the sale of TVs were relatively more successful in gaining jobs, as the 19.63% increase of monthly jobs in the field indicates.

Monthly jobs in the police department and the fire department have decreased by 0.58% and 14.48% respectively.

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London Jobs – SAP and Lotus Notes, Fire Protection and Assessment Engineer, Media Researcher

People First Recruitment Limited seeks a Commercial Support Leader for an international manufacturing company located in Central London. Applicants must be proficient with SAP and Lotus Notes, have an experience of working in a mechanical engineering or manufacturing environment, and must have a knowledge of how bids and contracts work. People First Recruitment Limited can be contacted at 02077963636.

Morson International seeks a Fire Protection and Assessment Engineer for a company at the forefront of the UK Nuclear New Build Program. The company has offices at Gloucester and London, and an applicant can choose to work at either office. An applicant must hold a good degree qualification in subjects related to fire prevention and assessment, and must have a command over the issues related to the subject. The responsibilities of the post include providing technical advice to Design Authority and NNB on all technical matters, and interacting with stakeholders from different backgrounds. The recruiters can be contacted at 01454275660.

An international media company based in the City Of London seeks a Media Researcher for their fast-paced and dynamic research system. Applicants can choose to work from home, in which case, they will be provided with a PC, desk, phone, and other necessities. The responsibility of a Media Researcher will be to maintain editorial contact data with specified countires and/or specified industrial sectors of the client’s global media database, and research media outlets and media intelligence. 17.5K+bens is the salary being offered for this permanent job. Spencer can be contacted at 02076536930, for further queries.

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